It’s high time for team trainings. And we present our new exercise machine for rowing in two-place boats.

Recently, prominent athletes – finalist of the Olympic Games in Rio, the fastest sprinter of the country Andreij Kraitor and world champion Ishmuhamedov Rasul – visited us. As both of them row on the right side, I was their partner during trials of the exercise machine (C-2). We got only positive feedbacks.

One could feel great footwork, sync rowing with the partner or otherwise – disbalance in movements. I was the one who marked it so much, as my partners changed. Ishmuhamedov Rasul opted for a long-distance course; he worked through every row, so he did not push sharply his legs. Andreij Kraitor is a sprinter – he pushed roughly. I preferred the latter footwork as it was seen on the machine (when our feet hit it, the platform rode out as it happened in the boat).

So the trials went perfectly.

This machine will suit both young rowers and experienced ones. Start to drill perfect consistent movements, coordination with your partner ahead of your competitors with the USM exercise machines. No one will be able to catch up with you on water.

We will wait everybody for USM machine trials! Wish you all luck and effective trainings!