Its high time for rowing tournaments.

Hello to every sport fan.

Its high time for rowing tournaments. In the very near future season for rowing canoe and kayak will begin. Athletes unpack their team boats. Somebody is continuing to race with experienced crew. Somebody is only a beginner and is searching for a reliable partner for this tough competition.

31.03.2017 new exercise machine – two-place-kayak – was presented by USM company. Due to hard work we managed to increase the efficiency of the simulatorsand to bring it in line with the process of the rowing on the water. Thanks to Masters of Sports Anton Gurba and Alexander Stepanov new machines were tested. Since several seasons the sportsmen raced with two-place boats in all-Russian tournaments, where the machines were duly examined. We received only positive feedbacks. One could perfectly feel synchronization with the partner whereas its footwork or paddle. When the partners were “out” of sync, the boat felt hard to push forward. In addition, the athletes marked that it would have been nice to posses such machines during their professional career.

These machines are the best choice for high-level crew trainings as well as for trainings of young athletes, who need to drill almost every paddle, every movement.

We will wait all of you for trials in USM company!